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FAQs about the new Shopify app

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new Shopify interface.

In this article we have collected the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new Shopify app for you . 

How can I create a new template?

Our template editor allows you not only to freely define the font, font size and font color, but also to integrate your own logo or a background image into the invoice template . You can find out more about this here .

If you want to customize your invoice even more , you can also use a standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice to create your own template. Here you will find instructions with Microsoft Word and here the instructions for creating templates with Open Office .

Why is the Connector Pro tariff more expensive than the Connector tariff?

A Billomat account is required to use the Billomat app for Shopify. The connector tariff for $ 5 is aimed at users who already use Billomat and thus pay an additional € 19 per month for their Billomat account.

With the Connector Pro tariff , we offer new users who have never used Billomat the convenient option of paying their Billomat account directly together with the usage fees for the Billomat app. The 19 € for the Billomat account and the 5 $ for the Billomat app result in a total fee of 24 $ for the Connector Pro tariff.

I cannot connect my Billomat account to Shopify. Why is that?

To connect your Billomat account to Shopify, you need an active API key, which you can find in the settings . If your API key is not accepted, you should check whether you have saved the newly generated API key beforehand. If this is not the case, you can simply generate a new API key, save it and then save it in the settings of the Billomat app.

Why is VAT added again to the items on my invoice?

By default, Billomat uses a net price basis for invoicing. This means that the set tax rate will be applied to all invoice items. If you want the gross prices stored in Shopify to also be used in your Billomat invoice, you can configure a gross price basis .

To do this, navigate to Settings -> Configuration -> Taxes and click on the Configure gross prices button Now you can set a gross price for all of your articles. Simply set this to the value of the net price. The latter is recalculated after the changes have been saved. From now on, the correct price should be shown in newly created invoices.

What do you need to set keywords for?

The setting of keywords is optional - you do not have to enter any keywords. However, keywords can help you later, for example when assigning invoices to your Shopify shop. The keywords stored in the Billomat app are added to your bill in Billomat so that you can, for example, filter all your bills according to these keywords. Of course, your customers will not see the keywords stored on your invoice.

Which automation level has which effect?

The Billomat app offers you different levels of automation.

  • If you select the automation level " Create invoice ", your invoice will only be created and will then remain in the draft status. You can continue to process this invoice in Billomat. Please note, however, that it is not yet possible to download the invoice in this status.
  • If you select the “ Create and complete invoice ” level , your invoice will not only be created in Billomat, but also closed. This means that you can no longer make any changes to your invoice.
  • Your invoicing will be automated to the greatest extent with the “ Create, complete and send invoice ” level. If you choose this option, your invoice will not only be created and finalized, but also sent to the email address given by your customer.

Will the payment method for my order be sent to Billomat?

The payment method for orders is currently not transmitted to Billomat. " Other " is therefore stored in Billomat as the payment method. We plan to implement this function in a timely manner so that this is also possible.

Can I choose different document templates depending on the invoice recipient?

The Billomat app does not currently offer the option of automatically using different document templates depending on the invoice recipient. However, it is possible to manually store different document templates in Billomat. To do this, we recommend that you select the "Create invoice" level of automation so that your invoices are only created but not yet finalized. Now you can edit your respective invoice in Billomat and choose the document template there individually.

I am missing a function. Whom can I contact?

We are constantly developing our app and are therefore grateful for any feedback. So feel free to contact us if you miss a function so that we can plan its implementation in a timely manner.