Documents: Create your own templates with

Here we show you how you can use OpenOffice to create your own templates with blocks and placeholders.

If you can not do anything yet with the terms wildcards and blocks you read the relevant sections in the article best general information on own templates by.

Please always save OpenOffice templates in RTF format, otherwise the placeholders will not be recognized.

ATTENTION: We do not recommend using, as the RTF export from is very faulty and processing errors can occur!

Already knew? You can also create your own templates with Microsoft Word.

Inserting placeholders

First, the database file with the Billomat placeholders must be downloaded and added to Writer. This database file is a simple Calc document in ODS format and contains all placeholders that can be used in Billomat.

  • From the Insert menu, choose Field Command > Other . Then click on the Database tab.
  • Now the database file has to be added once. To do this, click on Search and select the Billomat.ods file that you just downloaded.
  • The Billomat database then appears in the database selection.
  • Now you can open the Billomat database and choose a placeholder from the various data record types

Inserting blocks

The beginning and the end of a block must be marked. To do this, 2 bookmarks are required for each block: One for the beginning of the block, one for its end.

Use your own template in Billomat

In order to use your own template in Billomat, navigate in the settings to Documents > Templates > Upload new template, where you can upload your template and then use it.

How you can then use your own template in Billomat is shown in the video: