How do invoices work in Billomat?

The most important information about invoices in Billomat in brief.

How can you create invoices with Billomat?

There are various ways of creating invoices in Billomat. If you are looking for general instructions for creating invoices, we will explain in this article how you can create invoices as a document in Billomat. If you'd rather see a short video, we'll explain in a few minutes how you can send invoices with Billomat.

Invoices can also be created directly from the following documents:

  • From an offer won
  • From a subscription invoice
  • From an order confirmation

To do this, in the detailed view of the document (e.g. offer or order confirmation) from which you want to create your invoice, click on New Document on the right-hand side and select New Invoice. Billomat transfers the data from the document to the invoice, but you can also make adjustments.

Invoice status

An invoice always has a certain status:

Invoice status Explanation
draft An invoice can only be changed as often as required in the draft status. In order to be able to carry out further actions such as sending and posting payment, the invoice must be closed
Open minded A closed invoice is automatically given the status open if the payment term has not yet been exceeded.
Overdue As soon as the payment term of a completed invoice has been exceeded, the invoice is automatically given the status overdue. A reminder can now be created from the invoice.
Paid If the option Mark invoice as paid is selected when booking a payment, the payment booking sets the status of the invoice to paid.
Canceled correction invoice should always be created for canceled invoices.

With the help of the invoice overview under the option Invoices in the left navigation, you can see the status of each of your invoices - so you always have an overview.  

Invoice types

With Billomat you different types of invoices create or manage, such as incoming invoicessales invoices, advance invoices or credits.

Post payment

Incoming payments can be posted for open and overdue invoices. To do this, open the invoice and click on the Post payment button in the menu on the right.

Then enter the amount, payment method and date. If desired, the booking can be provided with a comment and further information.

If partial payments are to be posted, the Mark invoice as paid option must not be activated.