How can I create an advance invoice?

There is no separate document type for the partial invoice at Billomat, but ...

What is the best way to prepare an advance invoice ?

An advance invoice is the interim invoice for a partial amount of the final total contribution. Since progress invoices do not differ in their structure from normal, simple invoices, Billomat does not have a separate document type for progress invoices. However, they can still be mapped without any problems via Billomat.

Note: To do this, it is important that you know how to create invoices in Billomat. Take a quick look at our video tutorial on writing invoices.

Any number of advance payment invoices can be created before a project is fully billed. You create these like normal invoices. Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • It is advisable to formulate a note about the designation, for example:"First partial invoice",  "Second partial invoice", and so on. One should make sure that the service period of the service provided is also stated on the invoice.
  • The formulation of a concrete project description is also useful, ie a reference to the total order value as well as the order value that will be billed in this partial invoice. This ensures clarity. The same scheme is used for a second advance invoice, but you must ensure that the advance payment already received is deducted.

How do I create the final invoice?

When the project is over and all services have been completed, a final invoice must be submitted.
This final invoice is given its own consecutive invoice number, just like all previous partial invoices.
The total invoice amount of the project must be stated in the final invoice.
All advance payments received previously must be specified, including the invoice number and payment date, and deducted.
An amount can be deducted by simply adding a minus sign in front of the corresponding amount when creating the invoice. In this way, the advance payments already made can be deducted from the total amount and the contribution that the client finally has to pay is calculated.

Advance invoice: standard template or your own template

You can display progress invoices using the standard template as well as your own templates.
Tip: You can find out how to use these two formats in our article "How can I use my own template?"
  • In the case of standard templates, however, the wording "invoice" can not be replaced by "partial invoice". In this case, it is advisable to include a note in the notes or the introduction.
  • If you use your own template, it would be advisable to create your own individual advance payment and final invoice templates. If you have to create such an advance or final invoice, you can then easily access these templates.