General information about the documents

Here you can find out the most important information about documents in Billomat in brief.

How can you create documents?

There are several ways to create new documents:

Directly in the customer file

To do this, open the desired customer under Master data> Customers. On the right-hand side, under the New Document button, there is  a corresponding option for each document type (exception: reminders ). 

Direct click on the document type

After selecting the document in the left-hand navigation (e.g. invoices ), the corresponding button for creating a new one appears in the navigation under the search bar, in our example New invoice . The desired customer for whom the document is intended can then be selected in the following mask.

In the following video we explain in a few minutes how you can write invoices with Billomat .


You can always make a copy of a document by clicking on Copy in the sidebar in the document editing view ( e.g. Invoices> Your Desired Invoice ) . 

Create from other documents

Many documents can also be created from documents of other types. For example, an invoice can be created from an offer, from which a delivery note can be created.

The advantage is that documents that are created from other documents are automatically linked to one another .

Note : You can see the links of a document in the document editing view under the Links tab .

In this way you can quickly find all documents belonging to a process.

When can you edit documents?

In principle, documents can only be edited in draft status . The preview can be used to convince yourself of the correct appearance and content of a document. You can find the Preview button in the right menu of the document editing view.

When a document is finalized , it leaves the draft status. Further processing is no longer possible. However, further actions such as sending can now be carried out.

How can you number documents?

Under Settings> Documents> Number ranges can own for each type of document number ranges are defined. The consecutive number is automatically incremented with each new document.

If a higher start number than the one proposed is to be used, this can be adjusted manually in the form. 

How many positions can you add?

Any number of positions can be added to a document. It proves to be an advantage if you have well-maintained articles for which texts, prices and taxes are already stored.

How can you set introduction and comment?

In the case of new documents, the introduction and comment are preset with the values ​​specified for the free texts, which you can adjust under Settings> Documents> Text templates.