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How do I set up the Mollie add-on?

With the Mollie add-on, your customers can conveniently pay bills via a payment link.

Would you like to give your customers the opportunity to pay their bills quickly and easily online? You should be able to pay with your preferred means of payment and not have to go to your payment provider and enter all the details manually? Then we look forward to introducing you to Mollie!

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What is mollie 

The payment provider Mollie is one of the  leading payment service providers in Europe. With Mollie you can offer your customers smooth payment processing by sending an individual payment link. Your customers can choose from many different payment methods and pay conveniently. 

What payment options does the Mollie Add-On offer my customers?

Mollie offers all common payment methods. On this Mollie information page you will find a full list of the possibilities. In your Mollie account you can determine which of these payment methods you would like to offer your customers.

How much does the Mollie add-on cost? 

At Mollie you don't pay a basic fee, you only pay for successful transactions. You can find an up-to-date overview of the fees on the Mollie price page. 

How do I link Billomat with Mollie? 


  • In Billomat, click on the menu item for Add-Ons (the puzzle symbol) and then navigate to Add-Ons > Mollie.
  • Click on Tab device on the button Connect via Mollie, of thee forwards them directly to Mollie.
  • Here you can either log in directly if you already have a Mollie account or register for a new one.

collect data

If you have registered for the first time, you have to save your data in order to activate your account in Mollie. Simply follow the instructions in the Mollie interface

How do I use Mollie?

After you have registered with Mollie, you can now add an individual paylink to your invoices for your customers.

Please note that it can take around 3-5 working days for your Mollie account to be activated. Only then can you use the paylink function. 

In order to display the Paylink on the invoice, you have to enter the placeholder [Invoice.mollie] when creating your invoice - for example, the Comments field can be used. 

As soon as you have created the invoice, you will find the paylink not only on your invoice, but also on the right-hand side in the invoice detail view. You can copy it at any time and use it in an email, for example. 

You can also provide the payment link to your customers via the customer portal. To do this, you may have to activate the payment in your Billomat account:

  • Navigate to Settings > Administration > Customer Portal.
  • In the Approved Documents and Actions tab, you can click on the box in front of the corresponding option to set that your customers can pay bills and reminders via the customer portal.

How can I let my customers pay with Mollie?

You can now send the link to your customers. You have the option of choosing from the payment options that you have set in Mollie. 

Practical: Since the payment is processed via Mollie, your customers can also pay with payment methods that you do not use yourself.

Note: As soon as your customers have selected the payment method and commissioned the payment, the status in the associated invoice changes to paid so that the invoice is not included in the automatic dunning run. Please note that it may take a few working days for the payment to reach your account.

How can I disconnect from the Mollie add-on? 

To disconnect, simply clicking on the Disconnect button in your Billomat account. This only disconnects the link between Billomat and Mollie - your Mollie account will of course still be available.