Customer portal

You can release documents for your customers in the Billomat customer portal.

What is the Billomat customer portal?

With the help of the customer portal, you can enable your customers to access the documents from Billomat that concern your customer, for example:

  • bills
  • Reminders
  • offers
  • Credits
  • Delivery notes
  • Order confirmations.

How can I share certain types of documents with my customers?

In order for your customers to be able to use the customer portal, you must first set which document types and actions you want to share with your customers.

  • Navigate to Settings > Administration > Customer Portal

Customer portal min

  • Define the document types and actions here by ticking the desired documents with a click on the box in front of them.
  • Then scroll all the way down and click the green Save button.

How can I set my customers to have access by default?

Furthermore, in the Presetting section, you can determine whether new customers should be granted access to the customer portal by default and apply this retrospectively to all of your existing customers. 

How can I release the customer portal for individual customers?

But you can also individually explicitly for each of your customers in the customer view under Master Data > Customer > Customer > Select right box "customer portal Link" determine whether that customer is to get access to the customer portal. 

Customer portal link min

If you want to authorize access, click the Not visible button and select yes enable. Then you will be shown a URL to the customer portal. You can copy this by clicking on the link symbol on the right-hand side and inform your customer (e.g. by email) so that the customer can then use it to access the customer portal.    

Every document that is released for the customer portal has a URL to the corresponding document in the customer portal. You can find this URL in the document view in the same right box Customer portal link.

Note: If this box is not displayed, check whether the document type or the corresponding customer has been approved by you for the customer portal.

What can customers do in the customer portal?

Depending on which document types and actions you have approved for your customers, customers in the customer portal are able to do the following:

  • View / print documents
  • Comment on documents
  • Accept / reject offers
  • pay bills

    Furthermore, the customer can independently change his customer master data (contact data, bank details, tax data) in the customer portal, whereby Billomat offers you the possibility of data maintenance by the customer himself.

    Placeholder with customer portal link

    If you make use of placeholders at Billomat, then the placeholder customerportal_url is available for all document types supported by the customer portal as well as for the respective customer , such as [Invoice.customerportal_url] or [Client.customerportal_url]. You can use these placeholders in your document templates to indicate the corresponding URL on your document.

    Send your Paylink online to your customers with Mollie!

    Would you like to offer your customers the opportunity to pay quickly and conveniently online with their preferred payment method? In the customer portal you can activate the option for customers to pay your bills.

    With  Billomat Payment you send your customers an individual payment link via our Mollie interface via the customer portal. Your customer arrives at an individual payment page via the Paylink, chooses from all common payment methods and pays his invoice. It's quick, easy and, above all, secure and the perfect addition to your customer portal. You can find out exactly how to set up Mollie, our payment interface, in our article specifically about Mollie.