How do I adapt my number ranges?

You can configure your number ranges under Settings > Documents > Number ranges.

Where can you adjust number ranges?

In order to adapt the numbering according to your wishes, you can make various settings under  Settings > Documents > Number ranges .

How do number ranges work in Billomat?

Billomat includes a very flexible way of assigning numbers for customers, articles, invoices, etc. The data record numbers always consist of two parts:

  • an alphanumeric prefix and
  • consecutive number.

1st prefix

The prefix is ​​placed in front of the serial number and can contain any characters or even placeholders, e.g. for date or customer. By using a placeholder, you can, for example, show the change in the year at the turn of the year. 

In the example we choose the prefix ART for articles, KD for customers, etc.


2. Minimum length

If you want the invoice number to have a certain length, you can also set this in the Minimum Length column (as shown in the example above).

  • If the consecutive number is shorter than you specified, the number will be padded with leading zeros.
  • If the number is as long or longer, nothing happens.
  • If you do not want any leading zeros, you simply have to enter 0 as the length.

3. Consecutive numbers

The consecutive number is automatically assigned by Billomat and incremented with each new data record. The incrementing of the consecutive number depends on the prefix.

Note : If the prefix changes, Billomat automatically starts from the beginning with the 1.

Under Settings> Documents> Number ranges  you can define how the numbering is continued if the number prefix (in the example above "RE ") changes. With regard to consecutive numbers, you can choose between two setting options:


    • Consider prefix: If the prefix is ​​changed, the numbering starts from the beginning. Such a change in the prefix is ​​caused, for example, when using placeholders.
    • Ignore prefix: The number increases steadily, even if the prefix is ​​changed.


“RE- [Date.year] -“ is used as a prefix. Now invoices will be written in 2020 and 2021.

Consider prefix

The numbering starts over at the beginning of the year.

RE-2020- 100 > RE-2021- 001

Ignore prefix

The numbering is also continuous over the annual limit.

RE-2020- 100 > RE-2021- 101

Continue the existing number range

Did you already start writing invoices before you decided on Billomat, and would you like to continue your number range neatly? No problem! In the settings  you can define the number at which the number range should begin . We explain how this works in the FAQ text  "How do I start with a higher invoice number?"