Why can't I send emails?

Oops! An error occurred when sending your documents? Check your settings again or contact our support!

Send documents digitally to customers

Billomat gives you the option of sending your documents to your customers via email. You can easily do this via the Billomat server, which saves you a lot of time and paperwork.

Please note: Your email may end up in the customer's spam folder - especially if this is the first time you are emailing this customer a document. It is best to point out to him in advance that he should also look there.

Error message when sending mail?

If you receive an error message when sending messages, you should check whether there may be an error in the stored settings. If you are sure that you have made the right settings, then contact our support!

Telephone: +49 911 148861590

Email: support@billomat.com

Our support will immediately start working with you to find a solution to the problem.

Which settings could be wrong?

In Billomat you can set up your own mail server to send documents and store e-mail addresses etc. here. You can find the mail server settings here:

Settings > Administration > Mail Server (SMTP / IMAP)

It is very important that you enter the correct SMTP and IMAP settings, otherwise the message cannot be sent.

Here you can also test your settings and start a search for the setup assistant, as shown in the video:

Note: If you get an error message when sending, our article about SMTP and IMAP will help you.