How can I get the VAT ID no. of the customer?

To do this, store the individual VAT ID in the customer file.

How can I get the  VAT ID no. of the customer ?

In order to integrate the  VAT identification number (short: VAT ID) into the respective  invoice, navigate to Master data > Customers. Then select the customer you want to edit from the list. Then you will automatically land in the customer data view. There you can find the individual VAT ID number under Other deposit. The system automatically checks whether the format of the number is correct.

Then you have to integrate the placeholder [Client.vat_number] into your invoice.

If you use the standard template, you can place the placeholder in the header, in the free text or in the comments. If you have your own template, you have the freedom to choose where on the invoice the VAT identification number should be displayed.