How can I create subscription invoices (recurring invoices)?

Do you send the same invoices over and over? Save time with Billomat subscription bills.

Why subscription bills?

With the subscription invoices, you can quickly and easily generate periodic invoices . Subscription invoices are not documents or invoices themselves, but templates for creating invoices . All placeholders can be used in the texts as in an invoice.


Determine when and at what intervals your invoice should be generated. You can determine an interval (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly) and the time of day at which the action should be carried out.

Note: If you have chosen monthly as the cycle, the date can possibly be brought forward if the desired day does not exist in this month.


If you enter 01/31/2010, the date for February will be brought forward to 02/28/2010, as there is no 02/31/2010. But you can also choose whether the invoice should always be generated on the last day of the month (end of the month) .

The date for the next creation must always be in the future . If you don't enter a date, no invoice will be issued. The subscription invoice is therefore inactive.


How often should an invoice be created from the subscription invoice? Decide for yourself whether indefinitely , up to a maximum number or until a certain date is reached .


What should be done with the generated invoice? You can choose from the following functions:

  • Create : The invoice is generated and is in the draft status.
  • Complete : The invoice is generated and closed. It can then no longer be changed .
  • Send by e-mail : The invoice is generated, completed and sent by e-mail. Additional settings can be made with the link “Open e-mail settings” . Any number of recipients can be specified and the text and subject of the e-mail can be specified. Further attachments are also possible.
  • Send by post: The invoice is generated, completed and sent by post. With the link “Open letter settings” , further settings such as color, print type and paper thickness can also be selected here. It is important to have a connection to PixelLetter and sufficient credit on your PixelLetter account.


Which stationery should be used for the generated invoice? This setting is only relevant if at least "complete" has been selected as the action .


All invoices that were generated either automatically or manually from this subscription invoice are listed in the Links tab . So you always have an overview.