How can I automate my dunning process?

With Billomat's automated dunning process, you save manual work and thus valuable time.

How can I  set  and  automate dunning levels ?

How many dunning levels are there?

Sometimes it is unfortunately not enough to just write a reminder. The first reminder is followed by the second and possibly also the third. At Billomat there are no limits to your goodwill. The number of dunning levels is unlimited. In the following you will find out how to create your dunning levels, what they do and how they can be automated.

How can I set dunning levels?

You can set up your dunning system under   Dunning levels under  Settings> Documents . A distinction is made to different degrees, depending on how long the invoice has been overdue. So if an invoice is not paid, Billomat informs you that you should possibly initiate the dunning process.

If the invoice is only one day overdue, the first dunning level will be suggested. Since this is only a suggestion, you can also choose a higher level directly, which then already includes processing fees, for example. So you can make your warnings harder and more deterrent beyond the different degrees.
To edit or adjust existing dunning levels, all you have to do is  click on the respective dunning level. If you want to create a completely new level, simply click on the green button  New dunning level.

How can I automate dunning levels?

With Billomat it is also possible to send your reminders automatically. When you create your dunning level, you can set the level of automation at the bottom of the window. To set an automation for already existing dunning levels, all you have to do is  click on the respective dunning level and scroll down to Automation in the window. Here you can then set whether the reminder should only be created, completed directly or sent straight away by email or post. Waiting days and the time when the desired action should be completed can also be defined here.

How can I exclude customers from the dunning process?

Select the desired customer under  Master data > Customers . Under the Settings tab and under Other you can then exclude or include the customer from the automatic dunning process by selecting the corresponding entry in the drop-down menu.

Dunning templates

Already knew? Not all of your reminders have to be processed using the same template. Rather, you can also create X templates for X dunning levels, so that each level has its own.