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DATEV booking data service

Send your documents directly to the DATEV data center via the DATEV (connect online) booking data service interface.

Requirements for the interface: You have a Billomat account that is at least a business tariff and access to "DATEV booking data service".

What can the interface do?

With the DATEV booking data service, you can transmit booking data to the DATEV chancellery accounting and the associated receipt images to DATEV companies online.

You can view the status of the transmission at any time via the transmission log or download your transmitted booking records again as CSV.

The best thing about it: Your receipt images are automatically assigned to the booking records!

How do I use the DATEV booking data service interface?

You can either use the interface yourself via your own Billomat account or set up a Billomat access for your tax advisor (from the Business tariff) so that he can carry out the transfer to DATEV himself. It is best to ask your tax advisor directly which solution is best for you. 

Note: It is possible that the interface in the new Billomat design is not yet available. If necessary, switch to the old Billomat dashboard to set up the add-on.

Log in & set up

Navigate to the DATEV add-on via Settings > Add-Ons > DATEV Booking Data ServiceHere you will first be asked for your login details for the booking data service. As soon as you have entered or connected everything, the corresponding status will be displayed in Billomat.

Submit your booking data & receipt images:

Click on Send to DATEVconnect online under the menu item  Reports / Exports > DATEV / Agenda to send your booking data and receipt images to the DATEV data center.