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Time tracking with mite

mite is an effective online tool for collecting and analyzing working hours and has been designed by Yolk in close cooperation with and for teams and professionals of architects, designers, developers, lawyers, universities, and so on.

mite costs 5 euros including VAT per user each month and can be tested free of charge for thirty days.

Setting up links, billing for time

All mite users continue to list the time spent on projects, services, and customers.

You will need to associate mite with Billomat before you can bill specific times, projects, and services. The API key needed for this will be generated in mite (after clicking on your user name in the top right corner).

This API key functions like password authentication and is used together with the mite subdomain within Billomat under Settings > Add-ons > mite Time-Tracking.

The process of producing invoices for services rendered can now completed with just a few clicks. If you want to create a new invoice, a new button will appear in the item field showing a “new item from mite Time-Tracking.” Billomat will link directly and without detours to the mite stored data.

Familiar filters and grouping functions from the mite list reports are easily integrated into Billomat and allow for smooth handling.