How do I update my bank account?

Here you can find out how you can synchronize your sales and your bank account.

Automatic comparison

If the slider under Banking > Bank details for automatic synchronization is switched on, Billomat automatically compares your sales and your bank account.

Manual adjustment

Account selection

If you click on All Accounts, a drop-down menu opens in which you can either leave All Accounts selected or select individual accounts that you want to synchronize.


With the button Synchronize all sales (in the case of an account the button is called Synchronize this account) you can synchronize your sales manually. If you do this for the first time, a new window will open in which you have to enter your online banking ID and your PIN.

Tip: If you tick the Save PIN option in the window, the window will no longer open and you can synchronize your sales with just one click of the button.

Instead of the button Synchronize all sales you should now see a green variant Synchronization successful - done!

Note : If you synchronize a very large number of sales, these will be loaded into Billomat piece by piece and it may take a while until they are all loaded. Please be patient for so long. 

By the way, you can always see when the last manual synchronization of an account took place to the left of the Synchronize this account button, which appears as soon as you have selected the relevant account in the All accounts drop-down menu.