How can I share documents with customers?

With the Billomat customer portal, you can share documents with your customers in just a few clicks.

The customer portal is generally available to every user. Here you will find the options you need to set up the portal for your customers:

Settings > Administration > Customer portal

Set up customer portal

Step 1: login

First of all, you should determine what type of access authorization your customers need to access the documents on the customer portal. You can choose between:

  • Username and password
  • Secret link

The secret link makes it possible to log in without a password, which is why you should be careful not to give the link to the wrong customers.

Step 2: Approved documents and actions

Now you can specify which authorizations your customer should have in the customer portal. So you can decide which documents he can see and what he can do with them.

Don't panic:  completed documents naturally remain unchangeable for your customers. Rather, your customer can comment, contact, accept or reject offers and, if the payment module is set up, also pay via the customer portal.

Step 3: presetting

The last option is to set which customers - whether all or only future ones - should automatically have access to the customer portal. After that, your customer portal is already set up.

Optional: If you want, you can also adjust the background and colors of the portal.

Send access

Now is the time to let your customers know that they have access to the customer portal. For example, instead of dropping by for a cup of coffee with everyone, you could just adjust your note on the bill:

Thank you for your purchase!

In this way, the customer receives direct access to the customer portal on his invoice.


Now it is always rather idle to type the link from the paper by hand. So why not include the URL or username and password in the free e-mail? Your customers will thank you!