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How can I pause my Billomat account?

If you are not currently using Billomat, you can easily pause your account and thus suspend payments.

Break in contract? No problem!

If you do not need your Billomat account for a certain period of time, you can easily pause your current contract for 1, 3 or 6 months and thus save money. This can sometimes be a great relief, especially in times of Corona & Co.

If you pause your contract, the following will affect your account:

  • Your account blocked for the respective time
  • The chosen duration is added to the end of the contract

The contract break is completely independent of the selected term and can be made for all tariffs . 

Your advantages at a glance

There can be many reasons to pause your Billomat account - be it for a business sabbatical or in a financial situation. Below you will find all the benefits of a contract break:

  • Fall during the contract break no monthly contributions to
  • All of your data stored in Billomat will be 100% retained
  • Your account can reactivated at any time be

How do I pause my contract?

In order to pause your Billomat contract and thus your account, you have to contact our customer support directly . You can do this by phone or email using the following contact details:

Tel .: +49 911 - 148861590

Mail: support@billomat.com

Simply tell our support team that you want to pause your contract and the contract break will be activated with immediate effect . How you can reactivate your account if necessary can be found below.

How often can I pause my contract?

Your Billomat contract can only be paused once . You can of course decide freely about the length of the break and the time of reactivation.

Reactivation of your Billomat account

If you want to use Billomat again, you can of course reactivate your account at any time and very easily. All you have to do is inform our customer support about it . You can do this by phone or conveniently by email. You can find the contact details of our support above.