How can I manage users and employees?

You can add and manage new users under Settings > Administration > Users.

How can I manage users?

Navigate to Settings > Administration > Users.

In the Billomat user administration, depending on your chosen tariff, you can create and manage employees who can log in with their email address and a password. 

Please note: You need the appropriate licenses for additional users. Here we tell you how you can book additional user licenses.

Here you can also switch the API access per employee on or off. However, each employee can only see his own API key.

How can I change my email address?

Click in the user management on the user whose e-mail address you want to change (in this case, therefore, on your own).

In the Data tab, you can now change your email address and other details - and the same for your employees, if you want.

Note : If the email address of an existing employee is changed , they will receive an email with a confirmation link to the new address. Only when this link has been clicked can the employee log in with the new address.

Adding new employees

Note: We reveal how you can add new employees in the article "Can I create employee accounts?"