How can I import articles into Billomat?

Article data can be imported into Billomat from other systems. Find out more here!

Requirement for the article import

Article data can be imported into Billomat from other systems. However, the data is available in CSV format.

Procedure for article import

To import the data, simply follow the steps below in the menu:

Master data > Article > CSV > Select file > "Upload" button.

After uploading the file, the fields in the CSV file must be assigned to the Billomat fields:

  • In the left column, which is contents of the file displayed. In addition, the corresponding field can be selected in Billomat.
  • If a column in the CSV file has been assigned to a Billomat field, a standard value can also be assigned for this field. This default value is always used if no value was found in the import file. Specifying a default value is optional.
  • You can scroll to the next data record in the right column. This can be useful if the field assignment cannot be clearly made on the basis of the first data record.
  • At the end of the page, Billomat fields can be preset with fixed values. Assuming that the import file is from a customer from China, the fixed value "China" can be entered as the country. This means that the country is automatically set to China for all data to be imported.

After assigning the fields, all data to be imported are displayed again:

  • Errors (e.g. missing mandatory information, information in an invalid format, etc.) are shown in red.
  • By clicking on a value, it can still be changed.
  • Changed values ​​are printed in bold.
  • There is a checkbox in front of each line. If this is checked, the data record is imported.
  • In the right column you will find an overview of the import. Please note that it may happen that a complete import is not possible due to the contract quota.
  • At the end of the right column you will find links with which you can mark all, none or only those records for which no errors were found.

After clicking on Start import, the item data is imported into Billomat. Finally, all imported articles are listed again.