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How can I change my tariff?

You can change your tariff under Settings> My account> Subscription and tariffs.

What different tariffs does Billomat offer?

You can find an overview of the different tariffs and associated functions on our price page.

Where can you change your tariff in Billomat?

Your company is highly dependent on the season and you only have to write invoices every six months? No problem because  you can change your tariff under   Settings> My account> Subscription and tariffs.

If you click on  subscription and tariffs , you will be redirected to the Billomat store.

Perform upgrade

Upgrades can be carried out at any time,  even before the end of the contract period.

Any credit not used up by the previous tariff will be credited to future bills and deducted until it is used up.

Perform a downgrade

Downgrades (switching to a lower tariff) are generally  only possible after the selected payment period has expired  and must be   carried out  no later than 14 days before the end of the contract.
Note: Please also note that you can only downgrade if your quota for the desired tariff has not been exceeded.
So you may have to  delete a few  articles or archive customers :
While  articles can be exported and then deleted, you can  archive your  customers. These are then no longer part of the customer base and nothing stands in the way of downgrading.
After the upgrade, you can then  re-import your  articles and activate your inactive customers .