Customer-specific standard values

In the customer file, standard values may be defined for each individual customer (e.g., for payment deadlines). Three options are available:

  • Values defined under “Settings”:
    Here the customer is assigned the standard values that have been specified under Settings > Configuration > Standard values.
  • Other values:
    Here other values may be defined that deviate from those specified in the general settings.
  • Relative values:
    As above, values may be specified, yet here it is not an absolute value that is entered but rather a relative deviation of the general standard values. Let’s say, for instance, that a certain customer is always allowed to pay 7 days later than other customers. In this case, you would enter a 7 in this field. The payment period is then calculated according to the general payment deadline plus the specified value. Here it is also possible to enter a negative value. For example, if you wish to give a customer 1 percentage point less of a discount, then you would enter -1 in the field.